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Comprehensive Website Audit For 2020

Your website is often the first interaction from your prospective client. This interaction can go one of 2 ways:  the prospective client immediately feels connected to your company, or your website is just another tab in their browser.

A website audit involves identifying which pages need improvement and carrying out appropriate changes to ensure your site generates quality traffic and effectively converts that prospective client into an actual client.

Every business owner should be able to understand the specific keywords that are performing and driving quality traffic to their website. If you are dependant on guesswork with your website & SEO, then a professional website audit is what you truly need.

It’s time to stop losing out on website traffic and revenue. Our comprehensive website audit is completely free of charge and comes with a full report pointing all the good parts of your website and what needs improvement.

At Nerd Crew we specialise in Website Design & SEO and we provide this totally free website & SEO audit to show you whether or not your website is optimised not only for user experience and responsiveness, but also to make sure you are showing up on Google Search Results when someone searches for your type business or service.

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Website Audit Checklist

Here are just a some of the things we look for during the free website & SEO audit

Did you know people type your website address out (or link to it) in various ways? For example:

However, only ONE of these should be accessible in a browser. The others should be 301 redirected to canonical version. Take our website for example, no matter which way you type it out, you end up at the

If you are unsure on how to make that happen, there’s a detailed guide on that fix here.

A website audit will make sure your website & SEO are in check and hurting your business in 2020. 

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