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Gold Coast Website Design Services

If you are an SME business owner and looking forward to getting a website designed for your business, then you are at the right place. Your website is the most critical component of your business as it represents your presence over the internet. Your website design should be compelling and convincing enough to grab the attention of the visitors.

Nerd Crew provides top-notch Gold Coast Web Designs and one of the best web design services on the Gold Coast. We help the small and medium-sized businesses make a big first impression online. We aim to take your business to the next level while keeping your customers happy and engaged. We offer high quality and perfect website design and development solutions for your business.

Creative Web Design

We believe that every website is unique and different from others. As every business has its own needs and is different from other businesses, so we work collaboratively with our customers. Our first step is gathering information about your business and understanding its needs. Your web design must comply with your business needs, so we work with our clients and help them to identify the requirements of their website design.

We continue to work with our Gold Coast website design clients post-launch on SEO, web design changes, web development improvements, or simply keeping their website up-to-date with the latest browser and security updates if requested.

If you are looking for a cost effective, web design company on the Gold Coast, then look no further. We return calls & emails and finish every job we start. Give us a call and see for yourself. 

Once we have all the requirements and information about your business, we then start designing your website according to your needs. We aim to add value to every website design that we create. We have highly skilled and qualified web designers & developers that will lead your website to success no matter if your business is small or large.

We not only create websites and design websites for you but also help you to maintain them after the development process keeping their website design up to date and making changes when required which makes our services the best in town.

What's included in Our Gold Coast Website Design Services?

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

As a website owner, you have to know that 60-70% of your website visitors are going to be Mobile users. So, mobile responsive website design is essential to make your visitors stay on your website and display the website contents correctly. At Nerd Crew every website design that we create is a mobile responsive design optimised for all devices.

Built and Designed on WordPress

The world’s most trusted platform powers all the websites that we design and develop. WordPress has one of the best CMS, and it is the most convenient platform for making a website trusted by over 1.3 Billion users worldwide.

Powerful Plugins & Premium Themes

We also add Powerful Plugins to your website that help you in enhancing the functionality of your website. All the plugins that we use are premium and from verified sellers. We do this to minimize any security issues.

The themes that we use for designing your website are premium themes so that you get the best experience with all the required features on your website. We use the best-converting themes according to the nature of your website so that you can get maximum leads and conversions.

No Hidden Charges or False Claims

Once built, the website is all yours. We don’t have any hidden charges. Many companies have contract clauses which say that if you quit using their services, you will have to pay an exit fee or won’t be able to take ownership of your website.

This isn’t the case at Nerd Crew. We work for the ease of our customers, and we don’t charge any extra to our customers. Be fair is our policy and everything is crystal clear when you work with us.

Optimised Website Speed

When a website is designed, the factor of speed must be considered. Your website must load all the elements of the page immediately when a user clicks on it, so it is very necessary to optimise the loading speed of your website. We provide a well-optimised website that will load in seconds when a user clicks on it. Search engines such as Google also take preference to those websites that have a faster loading speed. We will do the total optimisation of your website from images to other media files. Read what Google says about page speed optimised websites here


Security has been a big concern for website owners in this era. As we already discussed that your website is the most crucial component of your business and a security breach on your website could result in severe loss.

We take all the necessary measures to keep your website as secure as possible from external attacks so that you can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that your website will remain safe and secure.

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With all these exciting features added with beautiful and responsive design, it would be impossible for visitors to resist your website, and you will ultimately achieve your business goals with the help of your new website.

So, if you are looking for a Gold Coast website design company pick up your phone and give us a call or fill in the form below and let’s have a chat about getting your website designed and developed.

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